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Austin Andrew
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Starting a new job

Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. Even before you walk through the door on your first day, you are bound to feel anxiety about whether you have done the right thing, what will the new company be like, will you be successful in your new role etc. Don't worry these are all perfectly natural feelings.
The trick is to remember that unless you make the move, you will change nothing, and by the mere act of seeking a new job you are seeking to change things in your professional life.
When you do start your new job it is likely to feel uncomfortable for at least the first few weeks. This is beacause
You are in new surroundings with new people
You are getting to grips with new processes
An you will experience doubts about having done the right thing
All of the above are perfectly natural and as time passes you will become more comfortable in your new role.and surroundings.